• EBN Congress 2008
    From 25th to 27th of June 2008 CEEI Burgos will show the HydroSolar 21 Project in the EBN Congress in Budapest. The 2008 EBN Congress ?Helping new talents to grow? will present case studies, stories, testimonials, practices, concepts selected in the vicinity of our network will develop ideas, inspiration, new talents and new models for high-growth start-up and SMEs support. The Congress will look both within and outside the EBN Network to discover innovators and performers, selected from various business circles, other geographical territories, and sector-specific initiatives. For further information about this congress please visit the web site of EBN Congress 2008.
  • Iberian Congress on Cooling and Hydrogen by Renewable Enegie. REHYER 2007From 24th to 26th of September 2007 the First Iberian Congress on Cooling and Hydrogen by Renewable Enegies, REHYER 2007. The venue will be the University of Burgos at the Escuela Politecnica Superior (EPS) in Burgos. These three days will include conferences, oral and poster communications, round tables and a Technical Seminar. For further information please visit the web site of REHYER 2007.

  • Past 25th of May, Hydrosolar 21 project was presented at Real Monasterio de San Agustin, as part of the agenda of the General Assembly of EnerAgen hold in Burgos.Main speakers were Mario V. San Juan (Asociacion Plan Estrategico Ciudad de Burgos), Luis Rodriguez Cano (Director of the Department of Physics of University of Burgos) and Gabriel Garcia Herbosa (Professor of Inorganic Chemistry of the University of Burgos). The combined application of solar and wind energies along with hydrogen technology for lightning and cooling of buildings.
  • Air conditioning companies from Burgos show interest in HydroSolar 21 project. Different companies from air conditioning sector as well as institutions and public administrations stated their interest in this project, which will be carried out in the facilities of the Centro Europeo de Empresas e Innovacion of Burgos (CEEI-Burgos). This one is a pilot project with the objective of testing the conversion and storage of solar and wind energies by using hydrogen technology as well as the possibility of autonomous refrigeration of buildings through solar energy. This project is focused on demonstrating that a cold production and hydrogen storage prototype can be able to satisfy the needs of a public building. (Diario de Burgos 24/03/06)

  • Hydrosolar 21 presentation workshop. Past 23th of March at 17:30 this event was held at the Salon Rojo of Teatro Principal in Burgos under the title of “Project of Production and storage of Renewable Energies: Hydrosolar 21”. To download the programme, please click on HydroSolar 21. Pictures of the event: Firma proyecto Hidrógeno 1 - Firma proyecto Hidrógeno 2 .